Things to remember before investing in ICO

With so many ICO going on it’s really important to know which one is the good one but it’s even more important to know whether investing in this space even make sense or not.
Firstly it’s really necessary for investors to know about the technology which company is offering. Does that technology is for improvement? Does it change the traditional system? Do all fields will able to accept that technology?
These all questions should be answered to investors.
There are few points that everyone should keep in mind before investing in an ICO are mentioned below.

How detailed is the Project Plan?

Before investing in an ICO, the first thing that matters is the planning in terms of Business Plan, Business model, growth Plan, Product summary, Coin Distribution, and fund allocation. A proper plan of every component helps investor decide whether to give this ICO a chance or not. These all above mentioned points should be present in the project’s whitepaper that should be available on the project’s website. Every company has a plans but investors has to see, how detailed is the plan. A plan which is detailed and transparent provides transparency to investors and proves that the company is here to stay and serve people. According to the plan and depth of the company, trust factor came across their mind.

Technology project is based on?

Investor before investing should also look for the technology of the project and the cryptocurrency it’s based on. Products developed on already proven technology like ethereum can give a wider prospective to people about the development and successful running of the project. FXCOIN is an ERC-20 smart contract based cryptocurrency.

 Problems & Solutions

One should also see what problems in the society the products offered in the project are solving. Solving genuine problems of a society helps grow a product & product become likeable by the users. Example- Crypto debit card, Global blockchain wallet by FXCOIN Limited.Every company in the market have to compete with the problems of the society and if the company is capable enough to solve those problems then investors can make a choice to invest in that company. 

The team & advisory board

When guests appear in our home, we firstly introduce him to our family members likewise when you think of investing in ICO it’s really important to know the team & advisory board. Whenever people are in confusion the team will be there to advise and supervise you properly.

Funds Distribution

Fund collected during ICO phases need to be utilised in different aspects like development, marketing, legal etc. A detailed plan of fund distribution also gives a sense of transparency to investor. Every whitepaper of a project displays fund distribution and coin allocation in details depicting trustworthiness & faith. 


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