Good News: FXCOIN is extending its's Pre-ICO


This is team FXCOIN with a quick note, reminding everyone to slow down a little bit. We are extending the Pre- ICO by 2 days, so you have 3 days to buy our FXCOIN! Help us spread the word, so we can gather more strength and support to take a step in cryptocurrency revolution.

Remember, ICO news make exciting bonus too, especially for those friends and relatives that don’t stop talking about the FXCOIN’s Pre- ICO,and this is the special opportunity for those who don’t get time to participate in FXCOIN Pre-ICO, Keep Investing!


  1. Connecting The World Through Blockchain, Bitsmo Brings The World To You. Bitsmo - ICO & The Next Crypto Exchange Solution BITSMO is your all in-one platform for digital currency. A platform more secure and 7x faster than Binance.

  2. Wixlar ICO ending in a Month. Register your Online Wallet and get 200 Free WIX coins. Wixlar - Send and Receive Money Instantly Offering 12 Services and Product, Offices Worldwide, Sponsoring Magor Events, it's own TVchannel.

  3. Safe and anonymous cryptocurrency trading for cash, international crypto to cash transfers, Cryptocasher - Cryptocurrency trading for cash backed by escrow service guaranteed by thousands of escrow services woldwide. Pre-sale coming soon.

    youtube video explainer

    Telegram link

  4. Ilum Coin, the only cryptocurrency mined with the video card and static wallet launches their ICO ILUM COIN – A Financial Cryptocurrency Ilum Coin is the only cryptocurrency in the market which is mined with the video card and static wallet. It is also backed by PoS and PoW. Ilum has announced the launch of their official ICO on August 14th which will go until October 12th to offer the ILM token at an exchange rate of 1 ILM=1.30 USD. The Ilum Coin is a part of the Ilum ecosystem which provides a platform for the traders to buy and sell shares.
    ILM enables the exchange users to cut off their transaction costs by 50%. The user don’t need to spend huge electricity bills on mining or using a traditional bank to use the Ilum coin. They can easily store the ILM coin inside the E-wallet and use it to purchase goods and services from other users on the blockchain. To make sure the value of Ilum Coin rises in future, the team of Ilum has designed a long-term plan that includes setting up over 1000 points of sale of electronic recharges where the user can spend their ILM coin.
    Ilum POS allows both customers and merchants to pay and accept the Ilum Coin over the counter in an easy, efficient and secure manner. This is one of the perks of the digital currency that it makes payment processes as easy as entering the sales amount. The Ilum Crypto Debit Card is another component of the ecosystem that enables the users to make payments or withdrawals across the globe. It is a secure, flexible and credible way of payment that makes it easier for the user to make transactions from anywhere in the world.
    Since Ilum Coin is uniquely mined with the video card and static wallet, it comes with both short and long-term stability. The Ilum Coin holders will not only benefit from a horizontal distribution between holders for the day to day transactions but also the vertical benefit of a solid, pre-determined growth built-in. In addition, the ILM coin is based on the Ethereum platform, making it compatible with third-party services, wallets and exchanges.
    A total number of 4,680,000 ILM will be available for sale through the ongoing ICO and the users have the option to pay in ETH, BTC or LTC to purchase ILM. More information about the platform and the ongoing ICO can be found at --

  5. The Netcurrencyindices NCI30, NCI100 and NCI500 are the benchmark for Cryptocurrencies and the entire Blockchain sector 👉 Its components are the Cryptocurrencies from all kind of marketstages which are directly to compare.

  6. Truwho pre sale is Live
    Truwho ICO: A Single Online ID that Protects Your Identity 👉 Truwho aims to provide a solution that allows for protection and verification online, specifically by providing users with a single online ID to protect their identity. Users can get a TruID to use as a way to verify their identity, and the official ICO begins in mid-October. TruID is free and provides you with a verified status. You can then use the TruID to log in securely without any need to send private information to third parties, so you do not need to reveal your identity. You get to choose what information you share, deleting or hiding anything you want via the portal. TruID works globally, so you do not have to worry about extra steps when working with international businesses. For security, TruIDs are protected via bank-level encryption. Essentially, TruID is a virtual identification that gives users complete control.
    Just some of the information that can be displayed on your TruID include your name, email address(es), physical address, phone number, usernames, passport ID, driver’s license, and social security number. This information can either be displayed and verified or “Verified & Hidden. Contact us for more information.

  7. California Dollar CAD | Good Crypto Currency
    Good cryptocurrency with a good spirit �� Only 2.1 million CAD have created with 8 decimal points forever

  8. Beginners easily buy and sell crypto. Traders leverage a powerful trading platform for crypto and fiat currencies with great liquidity. Crypto and Fiat Currency Exchange | Trade with Be Liquid, my friends--Sign up your Liquid account today and trade cryptocurrencies in the world's most advanced and secure crypto exchange.

  9. THE MOST ADVANCED DECENTRALIZED, SECURE & SCALABLE BLOCKCHAIN IN THE WORLD ► AFEXCOIN ✅ A cryptocurrency market where selling and buying are made easy!

  10. 💥 Coin Girl - The Future is Hot 💥
    👉 ♦Fun, joy and secure in the digital space.
    ♦Coingirl will be the future of adult entertainment on the internet
    ♦Invest in the World's Hottest Currency

  11. BITRUS | One Step Further Register now with bonus code
    ✌ BTFRNOV18 and receive 250BTRS + 80BTRS ✌
    Follow ► to know the latest promotions.

  12. is a social network for blockchain players. It is a collaboration tool, a marketplace, an information hub and an application showcase - an all-in-one platform for crypto companies, investors, developers and researchers to leverage the power of crowd economics, crowd creativity and crowd intelligence.

  13. UNERO | The key to future of tradable fund UNERO is an innovative technology for future trading with excellent ecosystem of crypto and currencies.

  14. Gibraltar Crypto Currency (QRG),opens at $22.00 on the QRG on the Exchange 👉 Gibraltar Crypto Currency

    #QRG_Stamps #GibraltarCryptoCurrency

  15. DRINKEY - Financial And Ethical Network That Allows Real-Time Gross Settlements, Remittances, Currency Exchange And The Exchange Of Water And Beverages 👉
    ►Drinkey will be a decentralized financial and ethical ecosystem where remittances, real-time gross settlements, currency exchange and the exchange of water and beverages and realized by means of a digital currency that is backed by an underlying non-depleting physical asset or natural resource, in our case water.

  16. Willkommen in der G-Game World 👉
    ►The World leading Laser Technology ICO
    ►G-GAME aims to become the leading ICO for a real business with a breakthrough laser technology for the shooting area.
    ►Laser Gun Game is a smart team game, where everyone involved (man or woman) worldwide has the opportunity Indoor & Outdoor to prove themselves in a team competition.

  17. ICO List - Top List of Best ICOs in 2019 - ICO Toplist is website dedicated to listing cryptocurrency Initial Coin Offering projects.

    ico toplist
    ico list
    ico ratings
    ico reviews
    ico whitepapers


  19. Nuvoo Mining - Your Cloud Mining Solution - Earning money made easy - Get your first cloud mining contract in 2 clicks.Finally a safe and transparent environment for bitcoin mining, ethereum mining & litecoin mining. Nuvoo offers you the opportunity to jump in the CryptoMining industry ► start MIning today, and make Money


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