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Things to remember before investing in ICO

With so many ICO going on it’s really important to know which one is the good one but it’s even more important to know whether investing in this space even make sense or not. Firstly it’s really necessary for investors to know about the technology which company is offering. Does that technology is for improvement? Does it change the traditional system? Do all fields will able to accept that technology? These all questions should be answered to investors. There are few points that everyone should keep in mind before investing in an ICO are mentioned below.
How detailed is the Project Plan?Before investing in an ICO, the first thing that matters is the planning in terms of Business Plan, Business model, growth Plan, Product summary, Coin Distribution, and fund allocation. A proper plan of every component helps investor decide whether to give this ICO a chance or not. These all above mentioned points should be present in the project’s whitepaper that should be available on the project’s we…

What FXCoin Debit Card is all about?

2017 year brought a wild ride for most of the cryptocurrencies. By looking back in 2017, it’s pretty much clear that cryptocoins are here to stay and if you finally decide to purchase digital currency whether it is Bitcoin, FXCoin, Dash or Ripple, You have to congratulate yourself for making a stupendous decision in your life. Finally, you have taken your first step in digital currency world. Now, if you are an owner for digital currency, then this is the right time to try your digital currency in real life and see what actually they can offer you outside from trading.
You can have wonderful dinner with you family, you can book a weekend to spend quality time or else buy some fabulous clothes. Certainly you can pay all these from your ordinary currency but why not spend those digital coins which are recklessly collected in your crypto-wallet? Introducing- Blockchain based FXCoin Debit cardIf you think above things are possible with crypto coins then you are right. Here technology revolu…

Why Will the demand of FXCOIN grow?

In this growing digital world. Technology is making a mark on all minds. Talking about the technology blockchain and cryptocurrency is a hot topic for all. Cryptocurrency has created a new era for payments, making money, exchange and transfer. When any cryptocurrency is offer to the public there is always one question which raise in all people’s mind, what is the future of that coin? The future totally depends on the usability of the coins. We all know about the demand and supply theory of economics which simply defines the core rule, when the demand rise so do the supply and vice versa.
What is FXCOIN?
The most awaiting cryptocurrency “FXCoin” is a next level technology for decentralized payments transfer systems and allows peoples to store and invest money in a decentralized currency. In an initial stage FXCoin got a huge support from its supporters. Within a very short span of time FXCoin has achieve a market capitalization of $6 Million as well as 7000+ early investors. Only with t…