Why Will the demand of FXCOIN grow?

In this growing digital world. Technology is making a mark on all minds. Talking about the technology blockchain and cryptocurrency is a hot topic for all. Cryptocurrency has created a new era for payments, making money, exchange and transfer. When any cryptocurrency is offer to the public there is always one question which raise in all people’s mind, what is the future of that coin? The future totally depends on the usability of the coins. We all know about the demand and supply theory of economics which simply defines the core rule, when the demand rise so do the supply and vice versa.

What is FXCOIN?

The most awaiting cryptocurrency “FXCoin” is a next level technology for decentralized payments transfer systems and allows peoples to store and invest money in a decentralized currency. In an initial stage FXCoin got a huge support from its supporters. Within a very short span of time FXCoin has achieve a market capitalization of $6 Million as well as 7000+ early investors. Only with the solid vision of modern technology and different idea FXCoin is able to gain faith of its investors.
In addition to this, the other magical features of FXCoin includes:

Modern Technology

FXCoin is using ERC-20 technology for its coins. The technology offered is highly advanced and fast. To provide the users easy and fastest solution of payments and exchange FXCoin provide the platform where the advance technology and creative idea is mixed.

Payment solution

FXCoin is becoming a payment solution for all users. Talking about the sectors in market as well as daily life fxcoin come with a solution where each and every one can pay through one coin.


To ensure FXCOIN’s ability to comply with security requirements, we aim to conduct external security audit no less than once per year. The scope of such audit encompasses the entire FXCOIN platform.

Multi-Currency Compatible

FXCoinwallets holds a multiple amount of cryptocurrency across the world. Users don’t need to hold various account for various cryptocurrency. Users can exchange FXcoin with any most wanted cryptocurrency across the globe.

Additional key points

·         Freedom to Manage your own finances
·         Fast (Peer-to-Peer), No Third-Party
·         Blockchain Secured decentralized system
·         Use as an alternative Payment option accepted at Retail Stores
·         Global reach
·         Fault tolerant
·         Multi-Cryptocurrencies and Multi-Fiat Currencies supported

FXCOIN’s mission is to provide reliable and effective currency exchange services to everyone.Its business model also has the provision of the highest possible security at its core. FXCoin is available as a payment option with the accepted retailers while you shop or do a bulk business. FXCoin can be used as a payment option at the retail shops and merchants as a payment mode.The future use of FXcoin is huge which include various sectors like education, retail, Health care, shopping, banking and gaming. Fxcoin provide a complete payment solution for all kinds of payments in any part of the world. Just think of a coins which fulfill your all kind of need, this a complete example of excellent idea and technology mixture. Not only in a specific country but its usability is global. The technology is so different and unique that from this initial stage supports can see the future of the coins.


FXCoin is here with its Pre-ICO sale which starts from 15th of Jan to 5th of Feb. In this pre sales users can get benefit of referral bonus coins and extra coins on initial purchase. During this Pre-ICO sale only 35,000,000 coins are distributed for all interested customers.

Recommended Minimum Purchase: $100 (333.3 FXCOIN) Maximum Purchase: $10,000 (33,334 FXCOIN) Total Pre-ICO Coin Supply: 35,000,000 FXCOIN Referral: 10%

20 % Bonus in 1st Week of Pre-ICO Sale
 10 % Bonus in 2nd Week of Pre-ICO Sale
 05 % Bonus in 3rd Week of Pre-ICO Sale

To know more about Fxcoin Pre-ICO visit https://fxcoin.biz/


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