What FXCoin Debit Card is all about?

2017 year brought a wild ride for most of the cryptocurrencies. By looking back in 2017, it’s pretty much clear that cryptocoins are here to stay and if you finally decide to purchase digital currency whether it is Bitcoin, FXCoin, Dash or Ripple, You have to congratulate yourself for making a stupendous decision in your life. Finally, you have taken your first step in digital currency world. Now, if you are an owner for digital currency, then this is the right time to try your digital currency in real life and see what actually they can offer you outside from trading.

You can have wonderful dinner with you family, you can book a weekend to spend quality time or else buy some fabulous clothes. Certainly you can pay all these from your ordinary currency but why not spend those digital coins which are recklessly collected in your crypto-wallet?

Introducing- Blockchain based FXCoin Debit card

If you think above things are possible with crypto coins then you are right. Here technology revolution meets needs fulfilment. FXCoin present a blockchain based debit card which will fulfil all desire.

FXCoin is a new company which brings a choice for its users to spend their cryptocurrencies by using FXCoin Debit card. FXCoin debit card is directly link with user’s crypto wallet. Through that, the conversion of your fiat currency will be done at the same time of your purchase at any point of sale in the world. What’s more, paying with digital coins using your FXCoin debit card will take about few seconds whereas traditional banking systems take a few days to be successful. This will bring a revolution in retail community.
As any other debit card issuer, FXCoin will incur cost which it has to pay to the traditional banking infrastructure providers for the use of their payment infrastructure by FXCoin users. These might include card issuance fee, card annual fee, and cash withdrawal (ATM) fee. FXCoin may hence collect debit card related fees in order to cover the cost burden generated by the use of debit card.
So, what are you waiting for? Take a new step in digital world and be a part of cryptocurrency revolution. For more information about FXCoin debit card visit:www.fxcoin.uk


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